Corporate Treasure Hunts and Scavenger Hunts work really well as part of a team building or corporate away day as delegates will get the chance to interact in a fun and relaxed environment.


We offer a variety of hugely entertaining options where through cunning detective work and shrewd deduction, teams have to find their way to the finish. From Character Treasure Hunts featuring professional actors to GPS Treasure Hunts with tablets around your chosen location, these activities are a true test of teamwork and communication. 

All our Treasure Hunts start with a welcome briefing, where the group is split up into teams (which can be pre-defined if you prefer). Teams will then set off on the hunt for answers to cryptic clues, challenges and brain teasers in an attempt to be the first team to complete the activity. 

Treasure Hunts work particularly well for larger groups as everyone will be kept occupied for the duration of the activity. However, smaller groups can have lots of fun as well. Many of our Treasure Hunts can also be tailor-made to incorporate key business themes and messages. 

For more information on our Treasure Hunts, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, email us at or call 01747 835433.


Please see below Treasure Hunt team building options currently available...


>  Teaches Time Management Skills

>  Creative Problem Solving

>  Encourages Collaborative Working

>  Enhances Communication

>  Inspires and Motivates Staff

>  Boosts Morale

Benefits Of Treasure Hunts

Character Treasure Hunt

Suitable For: 6 - 150 delegates

Duration: 1.5 - 2.5 hours

Requirements: Suitable Indoor/Outdoor Area

Participants are firstly split into equal groups and fully briefed. They will then set off on their treasure hunt where team members will have to navigate around the chosen venue or city to complete the tasks and challenges. Teams will have to find various costumed characters who will give people clues in order for them to complete their ‘find it’ list and ultimately reach the end of the treasure hunt. The first team to tick off all the items on their list and solve the treasure hunt wins. Our Character Treasure Hunts can be tailored to suit your organisation.


Murder Mystery Treasure Hunt

Suitable For: 6 - 150 delegates

Duration: 1.5 - 2.5 hours

Requirements: Suitable Indoor/Outdoor Area

Murder Mystery-based Character Treasure Hunt with cryptic clues for participants to try and work out who committed the ‘murder’. Highly engaging, interactive and fully customisable, Murder Mystery team building events are an ideal accompaniment to any corporate or private party. Characters carefully chosen for activity from our vast range of professional actors. Perfect for smaller groups.

GPS Treasure Hunts

Suitable For: 10 - 150 delegates

Duration: Various

Requirements: Suitable Indoor/Outdoor Area

We offer a wide range of exciting tablet-based treasure hunts. These technology-driven activities are motivational, fun and engaging for all those who participate. Unique and entertaining, our tablet-based challenges start with an uplifting briefing to get teams ready for the challenge ahead. Once fully briefed, each team is supplied with a tablet containing a series of ‘hotspots’ that they need to visit in any order to unlock them and release the questions and challenges within! The variety of the content is designed to keep teams engaged throughout the duration of the activity. The extensive content includes multiple choice, questions, video challenges ‘what happened next’, creative photos to take, invisible tasks to locate, timed questions, music to identify etc. You name it, we probably have it!


Please go to our Tablet Based Challenges page for more information. 



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