Steel Bands

The Steel Drum (or Steel Pan) originated in Trinidad and Tobago where bamboo drums were gradually developed into steel drums. African drums were banned in the 1880s by British Colonial Authorities and so people instead used bamboo to bang the ground. By the 1930s, metal was introduced and by the 1940s, Steel Bands were commonplace at many carnivals in places such as Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica.


A Steel Band or solo performer is the ideal choice for your special occasion especially if you are keen on a Caribbean atmosphere or ‘summery’ ambience either indoor or outdoors. Their lively and entertaining style creates a sense of fun and enjoyment at any occasion and will set a relaxed atmosphere for your guests.


Steel Bands are extremely versatile as you can have as many band members as you desire and they are able to play a wide variety of genres. The main types of music a Steel Band can play include Calypso, Soca, Reggae and Ska, however they can also perform recognisable pop, rock and jazz music in their own unique style with a Caribbean twist!


Steel Bands are suited to any element of your event but are particularly popular for drinks receptions and for when guests arrive.

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