'Adrenaline Rush' Team Building Multi Activity Day

Seeing as today is World Physical Activity Day, we thought would highlight some of our most physical team building activities currently available.

Not for the faint hearted, our 'Adrenaline Rush' multi-activity team building event options are fully action-packed and will appeal to those who are craving an energetic, active and fun team building event. Activities available as part of this Multi-Activity Day include:

Boot Camps - Boot camps are a growing phenomenon in the UK and there's strong scientific evidence that being physically active can help you lead a healthier and even happier life. Our Boot Camp team building activity is completely different from your usual team building experience. Teamwork, attention to detail, collaborative working and good listening / communication skills are all essential in order to survive this challenging but fun activity. Our Boot Camps are designed to develop individual personalities and skills in a demanding yet rigorous environment. Please go to our Boot Camps page for more information.

Zorbing - Originating from New Zealand in the mid 1990s, Zorbing, Sphering or Globe Riding has become a popular team building or away day activity in recent years as it combines fun, excitement and hilarity. Zorbing is a unique, fun and memorable team building activity which is completely mobile and can be run at any suitable outdoor space throughout the UK. The activity can also be tailored to meet specific objectives and fitness levels. Please go to our Zorbing page for more information.

Mobile Climbing Walls - A Mobile Climbing Wall makes a fantastic centrepiece for corporate team building days, family fun days, promotional events, country shows and fêtes. The quickly assembled simulated rock climbing tower accommodate four participants at once in perfect safety. Mobile Climbing Walls take up a surprisingly small amount of space, yet are visually impressive. They have a realistic rock-style surface that is suitable for all abilities due to their various route options. They fully mobile, staffed by fully qualified instructors and comes with all necessary safety equipment. Please go to our Mobile Climbing Walls page for more information.

Rage Buggies - These fast, fun and feisty buggies offer participants a truly exhilarating single seat 4-wheeled team building experience that is guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping! After a safety briefing and getting kitted out with all the relevant equipment, participants will then get the chance to get behind the wheel of one of these impressive machines. Our Rage Buggies team building activity can be simply be on a 'have a go' basis or it can include a competitive 'time trial' element. Participants can be grouped in teams or race individually to complete laps around a course scoring points as they go. The highest scoring participant or team will be declared the winner at the end of the activity! Please go to our Rage Buggies page for more information.

For more information on any of the above activities or for a quotation, please email us at info@eventsorganised.co.uk, send us an enquiry form or call us on 01747 835433.

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