Our Top 5 Outdoor Team Building Activities

Spring is here which can only mean one thing in the world of corporate events - outdoor team building activities become more popular! The longer days and more settled weather (hopefully!) generally means that companies are more confident in holding an event that features outdoor activities. We have many events coming up for this spring/summer so thought we would share our Top 5 Outdoor Team Building Activities to give you some inspiration for your next corporate away day:

1. Gundog Handling - Country Sports Activities for team building events remain a popular choice for clients. Gundog Handling offers a delegates slightly different experience whilst still getting up close to animals. Our informative yet entertaining Gundog Handling team building activity enables participants meet, control and interact with a range of lively and loveable gundogs such as Spaniels, Labradors and Retrievers. Our experienced, professional trainers will teach you the basic commands after which you and your chosen dog will confront a testing but fun range of retrieving, agility and relay games. You will get the chance to tackle a highly entertaining assault course packed full of tunnels, jumps and slaloms – hilarious not only for the participant but for onlookers as well! Visit to our Gundog Handling page for more information.

2. Tablet Based Challenges - We offer a wide range of exciting tablet-based team building challenges including treasure hunts and quizzes. These technology-driven activities are motivational, fun and engaging for all those who participate. Unique and entertaining, our tablet-based challenges start with an uplifting briefing to get teams ready for the challenge ahead. Once fully briefed, each team is supplied with a tablet containing a series of ‘hotspots’ that they need to visit in any order to unlock them and release the questions and challenges within! Some of the Tablet Based Challenges currently available include City Explorer, Venue Explorer, 007 Spy Challenge, Retail Challenge, Street Olympics and Apprentice Tablet Challenge. Visit our Tablet Based Challenges page for more information.

3. Crystal Maze Challenge - Definitely one of our most popular events in 2017 so far, our Crystal Maze Challenge is a fun entertaining and engaging team building activity. It is designed to enhance communication within the workplace, promote teamwork and highlight natural leadership skills. Teams must race against the clock to complete a series of 16 skill-based, physical and mental challenges inspired by the iconic 90s TV game show. Our events facilitator even dresses up as Richard O’Bryan to get teams in the spirit for the activity! Despite featuring a range of challenges, Crystal Maze isn’t too physically demanding and so will appeal to the whole team. Visit our Crystal Maze Challenge page for more information.

4. Duck Herding - this popular activity remains a firm favourite year-after-year for our corporate clients. This hilariously entertaining activity combines teamwork, good communication and listening skills…and lots of patience! Delegates who have never experienced duck herding will often be heard before the activity starts wondering if real ducks and dogs are used for the activity. Not only are there real ducks, but there are real geese and sheepdogs too! Teams will then work together with highly trained sheep dogs to guide a group of ducks around a series of obstacles and eventually into a closing pen. This truly memorable activity is certainly harder than it looks and as well as being a fantastic icebreaker, it can also help strengthen communication skills within the workplace. Visit our Duck Herding page for more information.

5. Segway Driving - we have been offering Segway Driving for many years now, however it still remains a popular choice for outdoor team building events. Riding a Segway is an entirely unique team building experience; they can increase self confidence as well as create a real sense of achievement. These two wheeled machines can operate on any terrain, are self-balancing and environmentally friendly...but above all they are great fun to ride! Using special ‘LeanSteer’ technology, Segways respond to your body movements. Our Segway Driving team building activity can be simply be on a 'have a go' basis or it can include a competitive 'time trial' element. Participants can be grouped in teams or race individually to complete laps around a course scoring points as they go. The highest scoring participant/team will be declared the winner at the end of the activity! Visit our Segway Driving page for more information.

For a quotation or more information on any of the above activities, please email us at info@eventsorganised.co.uk, call us on 01747 835433 or send us an enquiry form. All our activities are available across the UK.

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