Featured Activity: Crystal Maze Challenge

Want a fun team building activity that will enhance communication within the workplace, promote teamwork and highlight natural leadership skills? Our Crystal Maze Challenge could be right up your street!

Teams must race against the clock to complete a series of 16 skill-based, physical and mental challenges inspired by the iconic 90s TV game show. Our events facilitator even dresses up as Richard O’Bryan to get teams in the spirit for the activity!

After a short briefing, participants are split into teams where they then rotate around different zones trying their best to win ‘crystals’ as they go. When they have completed the challenge, they are then given a riddle to guide them to the next challenge.

At the end of the activity, teams declare how many crystals they have won and the two highest scoring teams play each other in a full sized inflatable crystal dome.

The Crystal Maze Challenge can be fully tailored to meet exact requirements and objectives. For example, if you would like your team building event to be focused around communication or collaborative working, we can suggest games that fit within this theme.

For more information on our Crystal Maze Challenge team building activity or to request a proposal, please contact us via our online form, email us at info@eventsorganised.co.uk or call 01747 835433.

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