New Team Challenges & Activities for 2017

Want something new for your staff to try for your next corporate team building event? We now offer the following Team Challenges & Activities that could be right up your street:

Crystal Maze Challenge - Teams must race against the clock to complete a series of 16 skill-based, physical and mental challenges inspired by the iconic 90s TV game show. Our events facilitator even dresses up as Richard O’Bryan to get teams in the spirit for the activity! Click here for more info:

Krypton Factor Challenge - Based on the hit British TV show, our Krypton Factor Challenge team building event is a fun and entertaining activity designed to enhance communication and teamwork. Click here for more info:

CSI Crime Scene Investigation - Participants will get an insight into the fascinating world of crime and forensics with our CSI Crime Scene Investigation team building activity. Guided by Scotland Yard Detectives, Forensic Scientists and Crime Scene Investigators, participants will be immersed in the world of CSI through a series of forensic challenges involving psychological and cyber crime. Click here for more info:

Tablet Based Challenges - We offer a wide range of exciting tablet-based team building challenges including treasure hunts and quizzes. These technology-driven activities are motivational, fun and engaging for all those who participate. Click here for more info:

For more information on a detailed quotation on any of the team building activities that we offer, please email us at, call 01747 835433 or contact us via our online form.

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