Singing Waiters

Singing Waiters will add a fantastically unique element to your wedding or special occasion. Unsuspecting guests will be amazed by a spontaneous performance by highly talented singers who masquerade as waiting and/or management staff. 


Singing Waiters are perfect form of entertainment if you want something a little 'different' and are suited to your wedding breakfast either before or after the speeches, or as a great accompaniment to your reception drinks or evening reception. 

Events Organised offer various Singing Waiter options playing a wide range of songs from operatic to more modern and up-beat pieces, as well as Rat Pack or West End theatrical performances. 

Singing Waiters will wait on your tables alongside the staff at your venue so your guests are none the wiser. The Singing Waiters will then reveal their real identity so that your guests are left surprised and wowed by the whole spectacle!

Singing Waiters are available as a duo, trio or quartet of singers and can be accompanied either by backing music played through an amplifier or a live musician such as a Pianist. Singing Waiter Quartets can also perform a capella without backing tracks.

For more information on hiring Singing Waiters for your event, please contact us via our online form, email us at or call 01747 835433.

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