LED Light Shows

Incredibly stunning and unique LED glow juggling shows fuse together world class jugglers and state of the art technology, along with choreographed dance, to create highly visual performances.


Extremely accurate sequencers and colour controllers are built into each juggling club so that an entire show can be synchronised to the millisecond - morphing visual effects and colours alongside the juggling patterns, choreography and soundtrack. Pixel-Poi® patented custom programming can also be used to dynamically display corporate branding in lights for the finale of the shows. 

For more information on LED Dance Shows for your event, please contact us via our online form, email us at info@eventsorganised.co.uk or call 01747 835433.


LED Light Show - Flux

A choreographed juggling act using unique LED illuminated juggling clubs, lasers and Pixel-Poi®, performed in partial light to an upbeat soundtrack. Beautiful patterns of light are traced through the air during the high-impact stage show as the clubs and Pixel-Poi® change colour in perfect synchronisation with the upbeat musical soundtrack. 

Duration: 6, 8 or 12 minutes 

Ceiling Height: 4m 

Stage Size: 6m x 4m (duo), 8m x 5m (quartet)

LED Light Show - Kaleidoscope

A larger, more visual and even more stunning performance than Flux; ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a strongly choreographed combination of dance, laser manipulation and Pixel-Poi®, performed by two or three dancers to a movingly upbeat classical-fusion soundtrack. 

Duration: 8 minutes (trio), 7 minutes (duo)

Ceiling Height: 3m 

Stage Size: 7m x 5m (trio), 6m x 4m (duo)

LED Light Show - Wonderland

LED Pixel-Poi and Laser-Dance performers create an ice-cool Winter Wonderland as they spin super-bright seasonal graphics through the air in this unique and tightly choreographed festive performance. Custom programming of company logos and seasonal messages can be incorporated in the Pixel-Poi® finale. 

Duration: 8 minutes (trio), 7 minutes (duo)

Ceiling Height: 3m 

Stage Size: 7m x 5m (trio), 6m x 4m (duo)

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