Laser Violinists

Laser Violinists are a unique act featuring state of the art laser technology that pushes the boundaries of entertainment to a new level. Much more than just an instrumentalist, a Laser Violinist is a stunning virtuoso performing an electric violin creating a sensationally electrifying performance that is truly breathtaking to watch. 

High technology, thrilling live music and high impact visuals are seamlessly combined to create a true fusion of music and light that is ideal for many occasions such as birthdays, weddings and landmark celebrations. Custom logos are also now available meaning that a Laser Violinist is also ideal for product launches and corporate parties.

The repertoire ranges from popular classical music to iconic movie themes and the standard length of performance ranges from between 5 and 12 minutes. 

For more information on hiring Laser Violinists for your event, please contact us via our online form, email us at or call 01747 835433.

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