Based on the hit TV comedy game show, our It's a Knockout stage managed team building event is a fantastically wild and wacky combination of wet, dry, team and relay games. It's a Knockout Challenges are fun, high energy and competitive and will really bring out the competitive side of your employees. 


It's a Knockout is a fantastic corporate team building option for both small or large groups as the activity can be tailored for individual requirements. Whether you are planning an away day, Family Fun Day or even a post-conference surprise for your staff, this activity is a memorable and unique way to get employees working together more efficiently.


After a fun briefing and warmup, delegates will be split into teams and will make their way around every zone, attempting to score points as they go. Points will be added up throughout the activity and the team with the highest score will be declared the winners.

For smaller numbers, the group can be split into two teams with two games being run at once. The teams will then swap over to the opposite game and continue this until they have had a go on each game. Our 6 Games Package and 7 Games Package both work well for smaller groups. For larger groups, we advise that organisations predetermine their teams who will then complete all the games on a 'round robin' basis. We also recommend that teams are given team names and coloured t-shirts so that teams can be easily identified on the day. Our 8 Games Package and 12 Games Package are both suitable for larger groups.


Participants can’t fail to be impressed by the range of impressive and colourful inflatables that are used for our Knockout events. Games can be run 'wet' or 'dry', or a mixture of both, depending on preference. All of our It's a Knockout challenges include a Commentator, Time Keeper, Show Crew, PA system, power generators, arena roping and medals/prize for the winning team. 


For more information on our It's a Knockout team building events, please fill out the form below, email us at or call 01747 835433. Please see below for Its a Knockout team building options that we currently offer:




>  Encourages Collaborative Working

>  Enhances Communication

>  Inspires and Motivates Staff

>  Boosts Morale

>  Builds Confidence and Self-Belief

>  Highlights Natural Leadership Skills

Benefits Of It's a Knockout


6 Games Package

Duration: Up to 2 hours

Maximum Group Sizes: 8 teams of 8 people

Requirements: Suitable Indoor or Outdoor Area

Our 6 Games Package is ideal for smaller events and is suitable for up to eight teams of eight people. Although smaller than our larger packages, is has great games, inflatables water, bubbles and fun, but just on a slightly smaller scale. It features three inflatable based games, one dressing up sumo-suit style game and two games using props and games equipment. This activity ideally needs half the size of three tennis courts (70ft x 90ft). Please note that the games do not use any of the large inflatables featured in larger games.


7 Games Package

Duration: Up to 3 hours

Maximum Group Sizes: 12 teams of 10 people

Requirements: Suitable Indoor or Outdoor Area

Our 7 Games Package is suitable for up to 12 teams of 8 people. The space required for this option is about half the size of a football pitch and the games will typically last up to 3 hours, depending on team sizes. Games include a combination of wet and dry games and can typically include 7 the following: Life's a Beach, Steady as you Go, Don't Drop a Drop, Penguin Dash, Like a Duck to Water, Happy Holidays and Bubble Pit. 


8 Games Package

Duration: Up to 4 hours

Maximum Group Sizes: 18 teams of 10 people

Requirements: Suitable Outdoor Area

Our 8 Games Package is suitable for up to 18 teams of 10 people and is a very versatile option. The space required for this package is just over half the size of a football pitch and the games will typically last up to 4 hours, depending on team sizes. Games include a combination of wet and dry games and can typically include 8 the following: Through the Mangle, Out of the Woods, Dragon Racing, Too Many Cooks, Barrel of Laughs, Scrambled Loops, Castle Bubble Pit and Happy Holidays.


12 Games Package

Duration: Up to 5 hours

Maximum Group Sizes: 36 teams of 10 people

Requirements: Suitable Outdoor Area

Our amazing 12 Games Package is suitable for up to 36 teams and is a very visually impressive option. The space required for this package is the size of a football pitch and the games will typically last up to 5 hours, depending on team sizes. Games include a combination of wet and dry games and can typically include a combination games from the 8 and 9 Games Packages. This package can be upgraded to cater for up to 72 teams for very large scale events.

Key Information

REQUIREMENTS: A suitable large indoor or outdoor area

WHAT'S INCLUDED?  All packages include all inflatables, props and generators required. Our 6 Games Package includes a games commentator, show crew, a small sound system and prizes, Our 7, 8 and 12 Games Packages include a lively compère, show crew, professionally stage-managed show, arena sound system, arena barrier and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 'losers' prizes.

DO I NEED TO BE FIT TO PARTICIPATE? The games are designed so all abilities can enjoy them, however a certain level of fitness is required to participate safely. Everyone in every team will be given the opportunity to take part in all the games if they want to and nobody will be forced to participate if they don't want to. The emphasis is on enjoyment not just speed and fitness. A towel and change of clothes is advised as you will get wet!

OTHER INFO: Making teams stand out from each other always works really well for our Its A Knockout activity. We advise purchasing coloured t-shirts for team members before the event as looks visually striking and teams can be identified easily. If you would like us to quote for this as an additional extra, we are more than happy to help. Although the games are fun we take safety very seriously. We have on ongoing program of safety, and we regularly consult professional bodies to keep our games as safe as possible. The most important issues form the basis of our Team Entry Form, which all taking part must sign. Please listen to the instructions and demonstrations and not deviate from them. Please be aware of safety at all times and advise of any health conditions or existing injuries before the activity commences.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Professional photographer or videographer to capture the event

AVAILABILITY: This activity is available across the UK - Need a Venue? Try or FREE Venue Finding Service






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