Ice Sculptures

Stunningly awe-inspiring ice sculptures are a fantastic addition to corporate events, product launches, landmark occasions, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and Christmas parties.


Branded  Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculptures can be carved into company logos or branding and are a great way to promote companies to potential and existing clients. They are also a fabulous addition to product launches and corporate Christmas parties. Ice has become one of the most memorable and effective mediums with which to promote a brand or create an impact at an event. What better way to ensure your brand is noticed and remembered. Options include a Logo Tablet with Snowfilled Logo, Snowfilled Contour Logo (shown right) or a Logo Pillar on Shards.

Ice Table Centres

From practical champagne or vodka holders to accurately branded ice tablets, there’s no limit to what ice sculptors can create. Each table centre is illuminated in crisp white lighting, and displayed on a stylish mirrored base that discreetly collects all the melt water. Ice Table Centres are perfect for awards events, bar mitzvah’s, weddings or conferences for that instant and special 'wow' factor.


Ice Vodka Luges

A Drinks Luge or Vodka Luge is an ice sculpture with a narrow channel carved through it used to chill a beverage for drinking. Liquid, normally vodka or another spirit, is poured into a channel at the top of the ice luge and dispensed at the bottom of the channel, into the mouth of the waiting ‘luge-ist’!

Drinks and Vodka Luges create a unique talking point to any party or corporate event. Amaze, shock and surprise your guests as chilled vodka shots are poured through the ice – the perfect ‘ice breaker’! Lit from below, a Drinks or Vodka Luge will be the talking point of your night, guaranteeing a great celebration with every drop.


All Ice Structures come complete with standard up-lighters (one colour), discreet drainage, a non-slip surface, and helpful and expert installation team. Additional extras includes powerful specialist LED lighting available in a range of colours.


For more information on Ice Sculptures, please contact us via our online form, email us at or call 01747 835433.



Ice Sculpture 5
Ice Sculpture 5
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