This giant inflatable version of the popular pub game Human Table Football is ideal for events such as corporate team building events, staff away days and family fun days.


Participants play a 5-a-side life-sized game of table football within a huge inflatable arena which is not only fun to take part in but also very amusing to watch! 


After a short briefing, the group is split up into teams before 2 players are harnessed to each pole running across the pitch. A member from each team is given the role of goalkeeper and the game can begin!


The captain of each team will be asked to call heads or tails, as in a real game of football. The winner of the toss will get to kick off. Team members need to move along the bar together in the same direction to get to the ball. Players must only move sideways, not backwards and forwards, making this activity ideal for strengthening communication and team work. 


Teams will play for a set amount of time. If playing as a small group, teams will get the opportunity to play several games and the team with the winning score at the end will be declared the winners. If playing in a larger group, teams will take it in turns to play against each other in a ‘tournament’ style format.


Human Table Football works really well with other outdoor team building activities as part of a Multi Activity Day, but is equally effective as a standalone activity.

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>  Encourages Collaborative Working

>  Enhances Communication

>  Inspires and Motivates Staff

>  Boosts Morale

>  Builds Confidence and Self-Belief

>  Highlights Natural Leadership Skills

Benefits Of Human Table Football

Key Information

TYPICAL DURATION: 1.5 - 2 hours



REQUIREMENTS: A suitable flat indoor or outdoor area

WHAT'S INCLUDED?  Event facilitator, inflatable pitch and all necessary equipment

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Trophies/medals if opting for a competitive element to this activity, professional photographer or videographer

WORKS WELL WITH: Any other outdoor events but is effective as a standalone event

AVAILABILITY: This activity is available across the UK - Need a Venue? Try or FREE Venue Finding Service




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