Highland Pipers

Contrary to popular belief, bagpipes did not originate in Scotland. Although their exact history remains uncertain, it is believed they were first heard in Ancient Egypt. Bagpipes then migrated to Europe and today exist in many countries in various different forms. It is of course their Celtic history that they are best known for and their most common form nowadays is the Piob Mhor or 'Highland Bagpipe'.


Highland Pipers are the perfect addition to any Celtic-inspired event and always make an impact at special occasions such as New Year's Eve, Hogmany and Burn's Night. A Highland Piper is guaranteed to establish a ceremonial atmosphere and add a touch of style and tradition to your event. Dressed in either a full no. 1, or the more common no. 2 uniform, a Solo Piper will look striking and prominent at any part of the proceedings.


Pipers are also particularly suited for playing at wedding ceremonies and/or for an extended period for perhaps welcoming your guests to the reception venue or into the wedding breakfast. Either way, Events Organised will endeavour to provide a Piper to fit in with your individual requirements.


Despite being a very distinctive and individual sound, bagpipes are a surprisingly versatile instrument and are able to play both traditional and more popular song choices. From Marches through to Reels and Strathspeys, bagpipes will add that special musical touch to your day. 

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