The Harp is a wonderfully elegant and exquisite instrument that is ideal for many special occasions. It is particularly suited to ceremonial music and background music due to its relaxing tones which exude a sense of serenity, romance and elegance.


A Harp's repertoire ranges from classical, popular and traditional to Medieval and Renaissance, and is an instant focal point and conversation starter as soon as guests arrive. To give you an idea of how String Quartets sound when they perform, we have included two Spotify playlists (below) for you to enjoy.

A Harpist will need only about 1m x 2m floor space, making them a very good choice if space is restricted. This versatile instrument can be played indoors or outdoors (weather permitting!) and its gentle sounds carry so it can be heard without intruding into conversation - making a harpist an excellent choice for Drinks Receptions or during Dinner.

Events Organised offer a range of wonderful Harpists based across the UK that are available for a variety of events. 


Please see below for our most popular Harpists. If you would like any more information on any of the musicians shown, please contact us.


Featured Harpists

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