Fire Acts & Shows

Breathtaking, exciting and high-energy, Fire Acts and Performers are a great way to amaze and entertain your guests at events including parties, wedding receptions and special occasions.


Fire Performers will put on a magnificent and truly memorable Fire Show that can range from an ambient ‘meet and greet’ act for your guests, to a fully-choreographed fire show that can be either performed by a solo performer or a group or Fire Performers. Shows can also be ‘freestyle’ shows performed to background music and normally last longer than a choreographed show.

  • Fire Eaters

  • Fire Breathers

  • Fire Dancers

  • Fire Jugglers

  • Fire Swinging

  • Fire Poi

  • Fire Hula Hoop

  • Fire Diablo

For more information on booking a Fire Act or Show for your event, please contact us via our online form, email us at or call 01747 835433.

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