Using computers and games technology, simulators replicate the activity or sport to an incredibly realistic level, giving participants the chance to experience something which is often out of reach or dangerous in the real world.


We offer a range of realistic and immersive Simulators including Motorsports Simulators, Flight Simulators and Sport Simulators.


Simulators make a perfect addition to family fun days. Please see below for the range of simulators we currently offer for hire. For more information on our Simulator Hire, please contact us via our online form, email us at or call 01747 835433.


Motorsports Simulators

Motorsport Simulators are a modern and immersive experience for people to enjoy at your event. Perfect for racing or motorsports themed events, but also great for marketing purposes and are an eye-catching attraction for any corporate or live event. We offer 4 different types of Formula Simulators including Full Sized Formula Simulators, Half Sized Formula Simulators, Formula Cockpit Simulators and Formula Seat Simulators. As well as Formula Simulators, we also offer an aesthetically accurate and innovative Motorbike Simulator as well as Motion Driving Simulators with either panoramic 3 screen displays or virtual reality glasses to offer incredible realism. For more information please contact us.

Flight Simulators

Choose from either an aeroplane or helicopter simulator for your next event to truly amaze your guests. The Aeroplane Simulator uses 3 screens to display the horizon and uses the actual dials from the aircraft in the game. Some of these dials are incredibly accurate flight controls, which control GPS, flaps, engine controls, radio links and more. The Helicopter Simulator really offers an awe-inspiring experience and is the perfect choice for a standout event attraction. It offers incredibly realistic controls which are taken from a real helicopter dashboard. For more information please contact us.

Sport Simulators

Hiring a Sports Simulator will offer a unique, realistic and competitive sporting experience for your event. They are ideal for sports themed events and marketing promotions. Our Football Simulator is a great event attraction and offers a penalty shootout option and even imitation crowd noises to mimic being at a real match. Our impressive full swing Golf Simulator delivers an interactive, competitive and lifelike experience. Cycling Simulators are great for various types of events and can be set either off road or around a velodrome. Finally our Ski and Snowboard Simulators are guaranteed to spark some fun and competition at your event. For more information please contact us.

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