Cheese Tasting

Immerse yourself in a world of cheese with this fun, interactive and informative activity.


Our Cheese Tasting sessions will guide participants through the history of cheese making, as well as teaching them the characteristics of popular cheeses.

Groups will get the chance to sample a range of British and continental cheeses, from Cheddars to Camembert, Greyere to Goats Cheese. They will make tasting notes throughout the activity, before being quizzed on what they have learnt.

Cheese Tasting works particularly well with our Wine Tasting evening activity option.


For more information on Cheese Tasting, please contact us via our online form, email us at or call 01747 835433.


Key Information

DURATION: 1 or 2 hours



REQUIREMENTS: A suitable indoor area  - Need a Venue? Try or FREE Venue Finding Service

WHAT'S INCLUDED? Experienced Cheese Expert and all cheese required for the tasting 

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Trophies/awards/medals if opting for a competitive element to this activity, professional photographer or videographer to capture the event, marquee hire for outdoor events

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