Canapé Making Team Building Workshops aim to inspire creativity, encourage attention to detail and boost interaction in the workplace. They are a fun way to bring people together and will help to enhance communication and coordination amongst work colleagues.  


After a short introduction, an Expert Chef will demonstrate step-by-step to the group how to make perfect canapés. The group is then split up into teams who must then try to re-create the same canapés. Teams will be judged and points awarded to the winning team.

Teams are next tasked with the job of designing and making a selection of their own indulgent, stylish and delicious canapés within a given timeframe. 


The canapés will be judged at the end of the session by the Expert Chef. Credit will be given for the overall look of the canapés, how they taste, and most importantly, how the teams worked together whilst making the creations. Prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Canapés can be hot and cold, depending on venue restrictions.

Canapé Making Workshops can be run on a collaborative basis without the competitive element if preferred. This activity is also ideal for pre-dinner entertainment as guests can enjoy their creations during a drinks reception whilst relaxing with colleagues.


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>  Learn A New Skill

>  Encourages Collaborative Working

>  Builds Confidence and Self-Belief

>  Inspires and Motivates Staff

>  Teaches Time Management Skills

Benefits Of This Activity


Key Information




REQUIREMENTS: A suitable indoor area with access to power 

WHAT'S INCLUDED? Professional Chef and all equipment and ingredients that are required

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Professional photographer or videographer to capture the event

WORKS WELL WITH: Any other food-related Team Building Workshops but is equally effective as a standalone event

AVAILABILITY: This activity is completely mobile and is available across the UK - Need a Venue? Try or FREE Venue Finding Service



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