Comedy Waiters

Comedy Waiters are a fantastically entertaining addition to any event. The performers infiltrate and work alongside genuine waiters and waitresses, giving your guests an unforgettable evening of unique comedy and music. From pre-dinner drinks, through to coffee, unsuspecting guests will witness a whole host of amusing and unusual capers.

The object at this point is to arouse a few guests’ suspicions, but not enough for our cover to be blown. If requested, the wine waiter will call guests through for dinner. As guests enter the dining room, if required, a wonky background CD is quietly playing easy listening sounds and cocktail jazz. At this point in the proceedings, for many guests, nothing will yet seem amiss.

Comedy Waiters can include clumsy waiters, clueless waiters, waiters who gossip, drunken waiters and even a hopeless maintenance man!

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