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Choirs most commonly booked to perform during wedding and civil ceremonies and can add an incredibly uplifting, harmonious and unforgettable touch to your day. One of the main benefits of hiring a choir is that they can encourage your guests to sing along with hymns or chosen songs.


A choir can be a fantastic element to the proceedings and will add some extra 'magic' to your ceremony. Events Organised can offer anything from a small six-piece Traditional Choir and choirmaster for a church service or a 16-piece Gospel Choir or even a barbershop ensemble. 


Professional solo singers can create a unique, intimate and unobtrusive ambience at any part of your day. From a solo vocalist performing classical or operatic pieces during your wedding ceremony, signing of the register or wedding breakfast, to a more upbeat  jazz solo singer for your evening reception entertainment, Events Organised can provide the just the thing you are looking for!

Solo singers are ideal if space is restricted or if you have a limited budget. Vocal and musical groups will normally carry a higher price tag, so soloists with backing music played through amplifiers will give you a great sound but without taking up too much space at both your venue and in your wedding budget! Soloists and choirs can also easily be accompanied by an instrument such as piano, harp or guitar, if required.

Vocal Duos create an outstanding sound and have a more varied vocal repertoire than soloists. Performing acapella, to a backing track or accompanied by a professional musician, Vocal Duos will add a touch of style to any event.


Christmas Carol Singers

There's nothing quite like a group of Carol Singers to get you into the festive spirit! Dressed in either Victorian or Modern Day attire, Carol Singers will be a  very fitting addition to any seasonal occasion.

If you would like any information on hiring a Choirs & Vocalists, please contact us.


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