Events Organised are now offering an exciting series of team building challenges, developed and run by Bear Grylls’ personal team of experts. Our team building events are designed to push you and your team to the limit in a controlled, safe but challenging environment. Our goal is to put participants through a course of dynamic team development, based on the experiences of globally renowned adventurer Bear Grylls.


Teams can recreate some of the unique challenges seen on Bear’s TV programmes including Man v’s Wild, Born Survivor, Running Wild, Mission Survive and The Island. The challenges are brought to life by expert instructors, dynamic activities and a variety of exciting equipment. Each event is designed to bring out the best in your team and uses Bear’s unique self-ethos and the great outdoors to achieve tangible learning objectives.


Any of challenges can take place almost anywhere from a hotel lawn to a woodland area. If the location is more challenging, then we can always add some additional Bear Grylls extreme activities.


We believe that true adventure can bring out the best in your team and the Bear Grylls Survival Academy is all about experimental learning, personal development and effective team work in real life challenges situations. There are no oil drums in the car park - just real life adventure.


Our lead instructors have worked around the world in the most challenging environments imaginable. A variety of events have been designed to suit individual needs, from lower level adventure learning knot tying, shelter building and fire lighting, to the more extreme end of the scale with front facing abseils/rappels, river crossings and the use of helicopters and ribs!

We offer a Half Day Package, a Full Day Package or Bespoke Packages which can be designed to suit individual needs. All Packages come complete with Basic Skills Training and then clients can choose from our Activity Menu to tailor their packages. Location-dependant optional extras are also available depending on your choice of venue. Our Half Day, Full Day and Bespoke Packages all focus on a range of survival challenges inspired by Bear and, some of the other greatest explorers of all time. Some activities are physical challenges whilst others are more motor skill based with the level of intensity set around the diversity of the group.


For more information on any of the activities, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page, email us at or call 01747 835433.


>  Learn New Skills

>  Encourages Collaborative Working

>  Enhances Communication

>  Inspires and Motivates Staff

>  Builds Confidence and Self-Belief

>  Highlights Natural Leadership Skills

Benefits Of This Activity


Half Day Events

Duration: Typically 4 hours

Level: Grit Factor 1

Activity Menu: Choose 4 x Activities

Requirements: Suitable Outdoor Area

Forget any team building and bonding experiences you’ve had in the past – The Bear Grylls Survival Academy Half Day Challenge is a dynamic four-hour event lead by Bear’s team of highly experienced instructors.  

Some of the activities on the menu for the Half Day Package can include a Sledge Pull, Giant Knott Challenge, Raft Build, Sniper Rifel Shoot and Axe Throw. 4 x activities can be chosen for the Half Day package. Our full Activity Menu can be seen below. You can either keep the team together as a unit, or break them up into sub-teams to work on a round robin basis.


At the end of the event, the teams will all come together for the final challenge - the famous Bear Grylls Gross Eat challenge. What will you eat in order to survive?! Finally, why not add a wilderness lunch to you package around a camp fire or an extreme activity if the terrain allows.


Full Day Events

Duration: Typically 6 hours

Level: Grit Factor 2

Activity Menu: Choose 6 x Activities

Requirements: Suitable Outdoor Area

If our Half Day event is not challenging enough for your team, this is your opportunity to undertake a full day event which will take teams way beyond their comfort zone.  


The Full Day itinerary offers much more than our Half Day event package. Firstly, groups will be offered a choice of lunch options. They can choose from either a hotel-catered lunch, a lunch ‘out on location’ with military survival rations or the gold standard option; a feast on a wilderness survival lunch including options such as rabbit, squirrel and pigeon. 

Next, delegates will work their way through a range of pre-selected Challenges. Survival Challenges such as Axe Throw, Raise The BG Flag, Blind Folded Land Rover Driving or perhaps motor skill based activities such as our special forces Kim’s Game or Observation Stance. 6 x activities can be chosen for the Full Day package. Our full Activity Menu can be seen below. You can either keep the team together as a unit, or break them up into sub-teams to work on a round robin basis.

At the end of the event, the teams will all come together for the final challenge - the famous Bear Grylls Gross Eat challenge. What will you eat in order to survive?! Finally, include an extreme activity from our Activity Menu if the terrain allows - Rope Climb, Commando Crawl or Tyrolean Traverse.


Bespoke Events

Duration: Depends on Requirements

Level: Grit Factor 3

Requirements: Suitable Outdoor Area

Our Half Day and Full Day packages are amazing, dynamic, both physically and mentally challenging and above all, fun. However, if you really want to challenge, test and take your team to the next level, our Grit Factor 3, Bespoke Training Events will meet the brief!


There’s no better way to see what your team is made of than in an extreme environment or during an extreme activity or experience. Whether that’s surviving for 24 hours on an uninhabited island, navigating across Dartmoor at night or engaging in an adrenaline-fueled activity day Bear-Grylls-style. If it’s extreme adventure you want then we can facilitate super high ropes courses across 200ft gorges, high cliff top abseils and rappels and we will engage in the use of typical Bear Grylls transportation including Argo’s, Land Rovers, fast RIBS and of course helicopters. But don’t expect a tourist trip, we throw people out of fast-moving RIBS and take the doors off of all our helicopters – we find it’s better having guests standing on the skids!

Tell us where you want to go, what you want to do, what your team wants to achieve and your budget; and we will put together the sort of team building event money can’t buy! Oh, and it may hurt a little….

Basic Skills Training

Included with all packages

Introduction, Safety Brief and Outline of the Event
The day will be facilitated by one of our BGSA lead instructors, who will take you on an amazing survival journey and introduce your team to extreme survival skills – used not only by Bear himself in some of the most extreme and wild environments on the planet, but also by some of the most inspirational adventurers of the last 200 years – Ernest Shackleton, Douglas Mawson, Hugh Glass, to name a few. The lead instructor will give a short presentation on Bear Grylls’ extreme survival skills, explain the journey and give an event safety brief before leading the team out to start the adventure.

Bear Attack/Situational Awareness System
Learn from our expert instructors how to hone your flinch responses and react more effectively to dangers in a potentially harming or extreme environment and how to convert that flinch response to potentially save yourself from a surprise ‘bear’ attack.

Camouflage and Concealment
Learn how to move in the wild as one with nature to avoid being seen, how to camouflage yourself to blend in with your environment and be as quiet and invisible as possible. A short task used as an energiser and a bit of fun. Pair up with the boss if you can and cover them in mud!

Gross Eat Challenge
The winning or losing team will take part in the classic BGSA Gross Eat challenge. You’ve seen Bear literally eat anything in order to survive. Would you have what it takes to survive? It’s mind over matter when you’re faced with live mealworms, crickets, giant water beetles and other nasties. Taste them all and even try our own pemmican recipe – a delicious mixture of rendered fat, dried meats and dried fruits. High in nutritional content and calories for much needed energy… if you can stomach it! This challenge is not 

Activity Menu

Choose any 4 x Activities for Half Day Packages, or any 6 x Activities for Full Day Packages: 

  • Stalking and Axe Throwing

  • Air Rifle/Pistol Shooting Competition

  • Stranded on the Ice/Air Crash/Ship Wreck

  • Improvised Stretcher Race & Wilderness First Aid

  • Land Rover Pull/’Survival Sledge Pull’

  • Knot Tying Challenges

  • Spear Throwing Challenge

  • Blindfolded Land Rover Driving

  • Kim’s Game and Observation Lane

  • Navigation Challenge

  • Viaduct Challenge

  • Raise the Flag

Additional Options below are location-dependent and may carry additional costs:

  • Commando Crawl and Regain

  • Tyrolean Traverse/Tree Climb/Hemp Climb

  • Raft Build

Kit List

All of the clothing and equipment delegates bring MUST be appropriate to the environment and time of year. The items listed below are mandatory:

  • Pair of Robust Boots - Walking boots or similar with good ankle support

  • Outdoor Clothing - Weather dependant (e.g. waterproof jacket etc.)

  • Sunglasses and Suncream - Weather dependant but high factor sun cream is advised

  • 1 Pair of Gloves - Thin/Active

  • Hat - Weather dependant: wooly hat or summer cap

  • Personal Medication 

  • And a bag full of positive attitude!

Key Information

DURATION: Half or full day



REQUIREMENTS: A suitable outdoor area - the more extreme the better!

WHAT'S INCLUDED?  Expert tuition from one of Bear Grylls' team of experts and all survival equipment - we ask all participants to come dressed ready to spend the duration of the activity outside and to be prepared for any possible weather conditions! See our Kit List for more information

DO I NEED TO BE FIT TO PARTICIPATE? The Bear Grylls Survival Academy has been designed so that the vast majority of people can participate and gain the benefit of our team’s experience. If there is any doubt, please speak to us and we will be happy to clarify.

CAN THE ACTIVITY BE TAILORED TO MEET MY BRIEF? Yes, challenges can be tailored to meet specific briefs

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Professional photographer or videographer to capture the event, Bear Grylls branded merchandise for participants available for an additional cost (please advise on booking). Bear Grylls, Scott Heffield and Jim Bonney are available to book as motivational/after dinner speakers for your event - please see below.

AVAILABILITY: This activity is available across the UK - Need a Venue? Try or FREE Venue Finding Service




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