Apprentice style team building activities still remain a popular choice for staff away days. Inspired by the popular TV show which is approaching its 13th series later this year, Apprentice Challenges are an excellent way to identify leaders within your team, as well as to promote teamwork and collaborative working. 


Apprentice Challenges also aim to enhance communicative skills and inspire teams to come up with creative ideas. The activities are generally suitable for all levels of staff and tasks can usually be tailored to meet specific business objectives and aims.

Generally, delegates will work in teams and compete against each other in various challenges. They will then present in a 'boardroom' style scenario to the Big Boss who will undoubtedly show similar character traits to that of infamous Lord Sugar himself. At the end of our Apprentice Challenges , the team that impresses in the boardroom the most will be declared the winners.

From delicious Chocolate or Cupcake Apprentice Challenges to high-tech Tablet-Based Apprentice Challenges, we are bound to have something that is right up your street. These activities are ideal as standalone events due to their typical duration. 

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Please see below Apprentice Challenge team building options currently available...


>  Teaches Time Management Skills

>  Creative Problem Solving

>  Encourages Collaborative Working

>  Enhances Communication

>  Inspires and Motivates Staff

>  Boosts Morale

Benefits Of Apprentice Challenges


Chocolate Apprentice Challenge

Suitable For: 15 - 150 delegates

Duration: 6 - 7 hours


This unique, interactive and memorable full-day activity encourages creativity and teamwork as delegates will be challenged to launch their own chocolate company from scratch.


Activity Format

After a short welcome briefing, the group will work in teams throughout the morning to plan and launch their own chocolate company. They will be expertly guided in areas such:


  • Identifying a Target Market

  • Branding

  • Positioning

  • Packing Design

  • Distribution

  • Pricing

  • Marketing


After lunch, teams will re-group and are then taught the essential skills of chocolate making by one of our professional Chocolatiers. Delegates will create their own unique recipes in-line with their target market and marketing strategy devised earlier in the session. They will create a range of luxury handmade chocolates which will then be placed in packaging, designed by the teams themselves.


Finally, each team will have to pitch their company, brand and product to a panel of expert judges who will decide which team has the winning company. The winning team will receive a premium chocolate prize. However, nobody goes home empty-handed as delegates will be able to take away their handcrafted chocolates with them.


What’s Included?

  • Expert Marketer for Marketing/Branding session

  • Professional Chocolatiers and Assistants

  • All Equipment and Premium Ingredients

  • Personalised Booklet detailing challenges for each team

  • Packaging, Ribbons and Boxes

  • Premium Chocolate Prizes


Cupcake Apprentice Challenge

Suitable For: 15 - 150 delegates

Duration: Half or Full Day


Groups can be challenged with creating a cupcake to a specific brief, such as developing a marketing strategy and designing cupcakes and packaging for a specific target market before presenting the cupcakes in an 'Apprentice-style' final.


Cupcakes can even be designed with corporate messages and strategies in mind or to reflect a company's brand identity. Typically a half or full day duration. 


Apprentice Tablet-Based Challenge

Suitable For: 15 - 150 delegates

Duration: 3 - 4 hours


A true test of entrepreneurial skills and business acumen, our Apprentice Tablet Challenge is a productive and creative tablet treasure hunt-based activity that will appeal to all. 


Activity Format

The activity starts with the initial challenge of quickly identifying the strengths (and weaknesses) of team members by delegating specific roles including the coveted Project Manager title, as well as for areas such as Marketing, Finance and Design. 

Divided into three distinct sections, teams aim to fulfil a range of business objectives in a logical order.


From designing logos, filming adverts and creating marketing materials, to interviewing potential consumers and creating a prototype product from materials gathered during the day, teams really will be put through their paces during this activity!


Participants won’t get off lightly during the event and will be under the scrutiny of ‘Lord Splenda’, with bonus business challenges available throughout, enabling the teams to score extra points and invest points in other teams’ companies. 


Finally, the teams at the top of the scoreboard will be invited to pitch their product to their peers. The group then use tablets to vote for their favourite team in an exciting and tense finale.


Want to Know More?

This activity can be run inside or outside, with challenges spread across a chosen location encouraging teams to engage with their surroundings. This high energy event is the perfect challenge to promote time-management, communication, creativity, presentation skills, leadership and team work.

If you have colleagues or offices in other locations around the world, our multi-city option is a great way to involve and engage them. Please enquire about this option.



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